Armagh Show


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PATRON:  Mrs Charlotte Crowe

PRESIDENT:  Mr Gordon Frazer


CHAIRPERSON:  Mr Stephen Hamilton


TREASURER:  Mrs Marjorie Mitchell

EXEC. SECRETARY:  Mr William Parr

HEALTH & SAFETY OFFICER : Miss Hannah Chapman

LOGISTICS: Mr Alan McConnell & Mr N Morton


EXEC. COMMITTEE: President,  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Past Chairman, Mrs Flo McCall, Mrs Marjorie Mitchell, Norman Morton, Jack McGowan, Noel Reid.


BEEF: Thelma Gorman / Noel Reid DAIRY: Norman Morton / Joe Linton

DOG SHOW: Mrs Emma McCall / Mrs Sarah Wright

EQUESTRIAN: Maud Black / Anice Broomfield / Tom Bratten / Wilson Faloon / Frankie Knipe


GOATS: Gordon Frazer / Tom Houston

HOME INDUSTRIES (Schools); Joanne Morrison (Open); Flo McCall

PIGS: Kenneth Gracey

POULTRY: Guy Richardson / Mervyn Elliott / Mr Mallon / Mr Gillespie;

RIDING FOR DISABLED: Joy Brown / Rosemary Beattie

SHEEP: Geoff Chapman

TRADE STANDS:  Eric Crozier / Derek O’Brien

VINTAGE: David McCune / Charlie Beattie.

GENERAL COMMITTEE (list excludes office bearers above):

Messrs B & B Allen, Mr B Anderson, Mr W Anderson, Mrs C Beattie, Mr & Mrs I Beattie, Mr W Black, Mr T Chambers, Mr J Compston, Miss E Crozier, Mr J Crozier,  Mr N Dickson, Mr B Dougan, Mr C Fletcher,  Mr A Frazer, Mrs G Frazer,  Mr B Gilbert, Mr D Gillespie, Mrs C Gilpin, Mr M Hawthorne, Mrs D Irwin, Mr R Irvine, Mr Andrew Johnston, Mr B Lamb, Mr R Lamb, Mr F Lappin,  Mr N Lockhart, Mr K McCall,  Mr R McCall, Dr M McCall, Mrs A McCune, Mr J McGowan, Mr E Mallon, Mr A Menary, Mr B Morton, Mr C Reid, Mr J Speers, Mr & Mrs M Thompson, Lady M Taylor, Mr W R Todd, Mrs M Wilson

BANK: First Trust Bank, Armagh

AUDITOR: Mr Cecil Dickson, 10 Dobbin Street, Armagh

INSURER: Ulster Farmers Union, Armagh

MEDICAL: St John’s Ambulance Service / John Fox (Paramedic)

VETERINARY: Mr Colin Calvert MRCVS, Armadale Veterinary Group, Armagh; Messrs O’Reilly & Fee MRCVS, Armagh; Mr John Henderson MRCVS, Orchard Veterinary Group, Armagh.



There has been an Agricultural Show in the Armagh area for over 180 years and indeed, there is a newspaper report that a show was held in the town as far back as 1829.  This being the case, it is one of the oldest Shows still running on the island of Ireland.   The continued endurance of the Show over almost two centuries is due to the tireless work and support of a long series of Show Committees, members, helpers and generous sponsors. The Show Society do hope you will add your name to this illustrious group of dedicated supporters to allow this valuable tradition to continue to run in the Armagh area

This picture of the Show in 1894 was taken in the Palace Demesne in Armagh where the Armagh City & District Council Offices are now located. The huge marquee and large crowds is  a reflection of the importance of this event in the Armagh District at that time.

Members of the Armagh Show Committee pictured in the Palace Demesne in 1894. Sponsorship for the Show at that time was obtained by Committee members collecting membership fees from the businesses, townfolk and farmers throughout the district.

This beautifully engraved cup was presented to Armagh Agricultural Show Association in 1899 by Dunbar Plunket Barton, Solicitor General of Ireland and MP for Armagh.  The cup was presented for the Best Jumping Pony.  Before being returned to the “Show Vault”, it was represented in 1999 to Niccola Boyd for her Champion Pony, Goody Tiptoes.  The Trophy was presented to the Lord Mayor of the newly formed Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council for safe-keeping and display at the Show Launch in April 2015.



 Patron of Armagh County Agricultural Show, Mrs Charlotte Crowe, presents the      Barton Cup to the Lord Mayor of Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough  Council, Mr Darren Causby, at the Show Launch held at the Council Offices in Armagh  in April 2015.  The Council intend to put the Trophy on display in the Palace.